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What is a trademark and how does it differ from the brand? Kotler’s economic definition, one of the main marketing global experts and the legal definition written in the laws of the most important world countries are almost identical.


What is a design? An industrial design is the ornamental or aesthetic aspect of an article. The Design may consist of three-dimensional features, such the shape or the surface of an object, or two-dimensional features, such patterns, lines or colors.


What is a geographical indication? A geographical indication is a sign used on goods by a specific geographical origin and by qualities or reputation due to a specific origin.


What is a copyright? Copyright guarantees to authors, artists and other creators the protection for their literary and artistic creations, which are generally defined as "artworks".

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A company asset like the trademark, is the only one that adds value over time and by the use, unlike other company assets (properties and equipment) that devalue over time. Apple, Google, Microsoft, Coca Cola, Amazon, Samsung, Toyota, Facebook, Mercedes Benz, IBM, are the ten brands that generated more turnover in the world in 2017 and certainly acquired more value of the company assets from which they derive.


FandIP - Trademarks Consultancy

FandIP is to indicate Fumarola and Intellectual Property.
If you are on this page, it is because you are looking for someone who may take care in your place of important matters concerning the protection of Intellectual Property, namely patents, design, know-how, copyrights, trademarks and so on.

20 years of activity allowed us to acquire professional experiences such as to avoid incurring serious mistakes for example introduce in the market goods that look like to other companies for appearance, distinctive signs and possible functionality.

Se operi in mercati che utilizzano caratteri di scrittura diversi dal tuo, qualcuno del posto potrebbe creare confondibilità con il tuo marchio utilizzando la sua traduzione fonetica.

Se questo è stato registrato prima del tuo, potrai impedire di vendere in tali mercati.


How to Choose a Strong and Registrable Trademark all over the World, an easy brand to enforce in civil and penal seat, to be transferred in license or assigned taking Fiscal Advantages

YOUR BRAND: YOUR PEARL is the first of a series of books by which, the author intends to face the matter of intellectual property and in particular of trademarks, designs and other distinctive signs in an increasingly specific way and in same time easily. Idea is to offer, to who due to his will or due to its role in the company, in professional Office or in another economic reality, the notions that clarify arguments and specially are useful to prevent unpleasant situations and worries following decisions taken too lightly and without asking for advice to experts.
YOUR BRAND: YOUR PEARL therefore wants to be a first assistance to business operators who have to take choices on this important and fundamental business asset that is called trademark or brand and, at the same time, this book is a help to consultants, often called to solve complicated situations to decisions taken.