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The following regulations establish the general selling conditions that regulate the contractual relationship between the seller FRANCESCO PAOLO FUMAROLA and the user (hereinafter “the Client or Consumer”) concerning the distance selling, in Italian territory, of the proposed products through the internet e-commerce site www.fandip.com (hereinafter “the site”).
The seller is the individual company FRANCESCO PAOLO FUMAROLA, legal residence Via Paretone Zona I, 109/B – 74015 Martina Franca (TA) – Reg. Impr. Partita IVA: 02652200730 e C.F.: FMRFNC67L15E986S, phone number 080.480.35.45.
The client will be allowed to ask for information, send communications by reaching the client service FRANCESCO PAOLO FUMAROLA at the email address contact@fandip.com or at the postal address of FRANCESCO PAOLO FUMAROLA – Via Paretone Zona I, 109/B – 74015 Martina Franca (TA).
The selling process through the site is realized by fully respecting the regulations regarding distance selling and digital commerce, by also strictly following the Italian Consumer Code D.Lgs n. 206, 6 September 2005 and subsequent modifications and interpretations.
The use of the selling process described in the present general selling conditions is reserved to consumers (hereinafter “the Client or “the Consumers”) who act for themselves and have residence in Italy.
Wholesalers, resellers or each person who buy the available products on the site with the intention of reselling them in the future, will not be able to purchase from the site.
The purchase order through the site involves the knowledge and agreement of the present general selling conditions.
The products under the contractual relationship regulated by the present general conditions consist of each product published on the Site at the moment of the order confirmation as specified in the section “Products”.
In case of promotional offers having a determined duration, the Consumer must pay attention to deadlines concerning the validity of the offer.

Privacy Policy
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Acceptance of the offer

The agreement and confirmation of the order are managed through the insertion of data in the following phrases:

1. Addition of products chosen in the shopping cart
2. Validation of the shopping cart
3. Indication of personal data
4. Selection of the payment method

Until the “Payment” step the order can be modified by clicking on the icon “trolley” on the top right of the screen.

In case of payment with credit card, the Client’s final acceptance is made by inserting the bank data (credit card number and expiring date).

In case of payment through Paypal, the Client’s final acceptance is made by inserting the date required by the Paypal site.

In case of payment through transfer, the Client’s final acceptance is made by the payment and following accreditation of the established amount on the bank account specified when the order was confirmed.

Products and prices

1. Fees
The selling price of the products showed on the Site, indicated in euros, is the same at the time of order registration by the Client.
Prices include the current VAT taxes at the moment of the order.
The selling prices applied on the contractual relationship with the client will be the ones in force and published on the Site during the order registration by the Client.

2. Product features
Following the articles 52 and 53 of the consumer code, the individual company FRANCESCO PAOLO FUMAROLA provides to Consumers the information concerning the Products and on the Site. The company informs the Consumers about the principal features of the offered products (dimensions, composition and description etc.) and the price, which includes taxes and fees.
The product characteristics will be seen by using digital reproduction or photostatic that precisely illustrates the offer and is published on the Site. The image does not take part into the contractual relationship between the parties. The artisanal manufacturing (handmade) makes the product more unique and exclusive. Moreover, there could be some changes due to image reproduction, for this reason, the Consumer acknowledges that the picture of the product provided on the Site has an approximate value. All the information are given by the Site according to article 52 of the consumer code.

The order

The order made by the client presumes the acceptance of the general selling conditions (choosing the manner: telematics with check of appropriate boxes or by resending through fax or e-mail the general conditions properly subscribed, as recommended at the end of this document).
This order made by the client through online payment is considered by FRANCESCO PAOLO FUMAROLA only after the acceptance of the payment.

FRANCESCO PAOLO FUMAROLA will send to the Client an e-mail of confirmation of the order that will provide all the details and the information required by law: a summary of the Selling General Conditions, the pre-contractual information regarding the essential features of the purchased goods, a clear indication of the price, payment method, the chosen means of payment, delivery fees, shipping terms, as well as the information concerning the instructions on the right of termination and relative costs and legal guarantees.
The sale will be considered complete after sending this confirmation to the Client, the availability of the product and the price to be paid. The date of the contract for guarantee and termination purposes etc., will correspond to the send of confirmation and acceptance of the order.
To modify the order, the Customer can click on “Your trolley” icon at the top right of the screen. Modification is always possible up to the stage before payment.
The Customer can cancel the order through his right of withdrawal or change of mind within 14 days of receiving the product/s; the request to cancel the order can be taken into account by sending an e-mail to contact@fandip.com (better to use certified mail, or by writing: by sending a registered letter with return receipt to the registered office indicated above).
The order, once confirmed, CANNOT BE MODIFIED ONLINE either as regards the items or as regards the delivery address, without prejudice in any case to the right of withdrawal for the Customer.
The order that, after various attempts of delivery from the delivery carrier, comes back to the sender, cannot be resent. If the order has been paid, i twill be refunded with a penal fee equal to the costs incurred for shipping (minimum €50.00) and the material used and not sold, quantified as a flat rate of 20% of the order amount.
If the Customer wishes to change the delivery date of the package, he must contact the courier directly when the package is being delivered.
The Customer must keep the information contained in the order confirmation sent by FRANCESCO PAOLO FUMAROLA on a paper or electronic document.

FRANCESCO PAOLO FUMAROLA sells the products on his website only to retail and final consumers. Any order that manifestly does not correspond to a retail sale and, more generally, any fraudulent order or similar to this kind, will be considered by FRANCESCO PAOLO FUMAROLA as null and void and prosecuted in the appropriate judicial offices.

Confirmation and filing of the order

The order form will be filed in the database of FRANCESCO PAOLO FUMAROLA for the time necessary for its execution, however, by always adhering legal terms and conditions.
The confirmation of the order will bring back the conditions, terms and the manners of the withdrawal right, completed with the form of retraction.
To access your order form, the Customer must access “Your Account” “Order Status”. The summary of the instructions regarding the access to the order form will in any case be present on each order confirmation email.
In case of an invoice request, the Customer must request it at the same time as the order, by sending an email to the address: contact@fandip.com.

Controversy rules

In case of controversy emerged from the present contractual relationship, the parties commit to find, before any legal action against each other, a solution guided by wisdom.
The parties agree that all disputes regarding the selling through the internet Site as indicated above, will be resolved counting on the expertise of BARI tribunal BARI (Justice of Peace of Gravina in P., in case of suppression, the substituting authority, Court of Bari, Court of Appeal of Bari). The applicable law is Italian Law.

Even if not specified, the reference concerns the consumption regulations, in force at the moment of the order.

IT IS ADVISABLE TO SEND A COPY OF THE GENERAL CONDITIONS AND REQUEST THEIR RESTITUTION WITH SIGNATURE ON EACH PARAGRAPH TO CERTIFY THE READING, KNOWLEDGE AND ACCEPTANCE, OR SIGNATURE AT THE END OF THE DOCUMENT, by recalling the bothersome provisions (indicate all the paragraphs, conveniently numbered summarising their content: ex. Order, withdrawal, etc.).


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