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We help you quickly regain your Internet domain and close the online site leaving the counterfeiter “dry-mouthed”.

The address of the website is a competitive factor for your company to which search engines can look in a privileged way to evaluate its content.

This is why you need to make   sure that the person who searches for you on the internet reaches you and only you, without being distracted by anything else, such as the presence of sites that use domain names identical or similar to yours.

Consequently, it is of particular importance to check that no one illegally uses a given word or a mix of words and numbers after you on the Internet, which tend to be the same as your registered trademark.

For example, the Internet domain that  uses more or less the same words and sells the same electronic products, could attract possible customers to itself, since you use the Internet domain before anyone else and a that you have also registered as a trademark.

If you hadn’t checked the domain name and trademark “melabit” you probably wouldn’t have noticed this online violation.

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Trademark (against) domain, who wins? In this challenge, the mark wins when the “words” used and the products or services to which they refer are confusing.

In fact, its presence constitutes an infringement of the exclusive right of trademark, – as an alphanumeric element – within the domain name.

Consequently, the registration of a trademark is particularly important in order to induce its owner to activate a procedure for the cessation or reassignment of the Internet domain (in this case the availability of the domain name is obtained), thus avoiding incurring costs and bureaucratic delays given by an ordinary judgment.

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Tolerating the presence of one or more internet domains that can be confused with yours and your trademark, means three things:

  1. diversion of customers who are often also counterfeited;

  2. loss of privileged positions for the word used as a domain;

  3. reduction of the distinctive strength of the mark by watering down.

It happened to me several times to stop and reassign internet domains, from the appearance of outlet sales sites, that hid scams. In these cases, the potential buyer who searched online for the name of the well-known trademark, came across another sales site, very similar to the original, so as to convince himself that it was the original and pay online. This site offered cheap clothing and those who clicked to buy received nothing in return after the transaction.

It often happens that a misleading website can be indexed better than the original, so as to make you really think that the site is what you are looking for.

A situation of this type, if multiplied by many other confusable domains, can be of serious damage to the protected trademark, which suffers the effect of the dilution of its distinctive force. A weak trademark is a distinctive sign that is difficult to defend.

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