Are you an entrepreneur? Do you need a distinctive sign that gives a unique brightness to your company? Do you have an idea of trademark, but you do not know if registration is possible, due to objections? Creating a trademark makes you afraid because you are conscious of your own lack of knowledge in this field?

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My name is Francesco Paolo Fumarola and I’ve been helping companies for years, with the most effective strategies to create, register and manage the trademark in order to obtain the desired results. Today, I manage more than 1500 trademarks, which are all registered and protected worldwide.

Between the most recent names for trademarks designed by me, there are Hoshiko and Kosami, two trademarks with a Japanese sound both registered in Italy and soon abroad. Their name is specifically designed to respectively recall: the name of the Japanese violinist and composer Hoshiko and one of the most widespread surnames in Japan, Kosami.

Nonetheless, designing a trademark is not simple. As trademark attorneys, we must deal with words created by people with little experience regarding the juridical aspect of the distinctive sign. Despite this, they try by themselves anyways asking us if they could use a specific trademark after going through mark objections.

For this reason, it is important for a company to invest on the creation of a distinctive sign that can increase its value until it becomes strong, a real successful brand, avoiding losses due to objections of various nature.

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