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When you are involved in cases of counterfeiting, for trademarks, ornamental models or copyright violation, you need an expert who knows what to do.

A great technical evaluation could make the difference between losing and winning a lawsuit.

Also consider that, the clarity and capacity to expose in court is an essential factor.


What is an evaluation and how important it is to accomplish it in the right way?

An evaluation is a technical analysis with the purpose of assessing and objecting the accusations against a company or an individual in relation to suspected right of intellectual property violations. In a legal environment, a well-structured evaluation is fundamental to support the defence of civil or penal lawsuits, offering to lawyers the keys necessary to contest the counterfeiting accusations or copyright violations.

In lack of an accurate evaluation, the attorneys, especially in penal lawsuits, could find some difficulties to face the accusations that are based on evaluations provided by the injured party. A high-quality evaluation would help to judge the validity of the statements. At the same time, it would be decisive to carry out the best defensive strategy that could include a reply to reach an agreement, even if this option is quite complicated to realise in penal field.

The effectiveness of the evaluation does not only apply to the technical quality, but also on the expository clearness in court. An effective evaluation requires to be expressed in an understandable, precise and persuasive manner, most importantly during testimony. In this case, the experience and the attorney’s ability to communicate make the difference between a strong evaluation and a non-effective one. The clarity and the capacity to explain complex statements can significantly condition the process result.

In case of trademark, ornamental model and copyright violations or other forms of intellectual property, a well-structured and optimally exposed evaluation, could make the difference between losing and winning the lawsuit. Dr. Fumarola has come up with a remarkable experience in this field by working with proceedings that embrace a great variety of sectors such as: the automotive industry (BMW, Mercedes, Land Rover, Lamborghini, Bugatti e Piaggio), giftware (Thun), technological (earphones, smartwatches and Apple straps), furniture (Poldina lamps), superhero characters (Batman, Superman, Captain America) and electrical equipment (Bticino and Vimar).

If you need a professional, accurate and well-exposed evaluation, and you are curious to find out more about our services, click here, we will help you to protect your rights and provide you a strong and reliable defence.

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  • Experience and competence: Dr. Fumarola has many years of experience in legal evaluations, with plenty of success in various sectors such as, the automotive industry, giftware, furniture and superheroes.
  • Clearness and Precision: an evaluation is not only technical; it must be clear and persuading when presented to court.
  • Legal support: we provide evaluation that support your defence in legal or civil court, helping your attorney to build up a successful strategy.


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